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What to do when your computer mess with you.

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For a couple of days my laptop has played a game with me that left me furious and frustrated.

For some reason the laptop has shut down on me while surfing and working online. Just without any reason at all it just closed on me. Leaving me with a question in my face and really upset.

First I thought – oh no – time to get a new one? – BUT – my laptop is not that old. I bought it for almost one year ago – Next thought – a virus? – but can not be – I use the best anti virus program for that purpose. I clean out cookies and other files every second hour. I run my antivirus program every night before I close down.

Third thought – look it up in google – typed – why a computer shut down for no reason – and after my investigation I understood that a laptop can heat up and just close down to save it self – wow – how would that be great if, the humans, just could close down to save our self from all kinds of trouble in the world.

Well I noticed my laptop was really hot. I was thinking it may be in need for a dust clean up.

I thought – lets try this: took my vacume cleaner to clean it up from dust. And hey – IT WORKED. And like a miracle my laptop work like a clockwork. I guess we tend to forget the most common thing when it comes to keep your computer clean.

- use your antivirus program daily
- dump your cookies and temporary files
- clean computer from dust a couple of days a week

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